Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cerveza, Tequila, Mezcal and Cocktail-y goodness

So for this post it seems only fitting that I hand over to C.

So, the drinks in Mehico have been plentiful, cheap, tasty and, well, tasty.

First the beer, or cerveza as those in this part of the world call it. Having only a limited selection of mexican beers available at home, it is fairly easy to think that they are all light-as-water summer drinking lagers like corona. Indeed, a lot of them are, and they go down very nicely indeed while sitting on the beach in mid-30's warmth. But there are a lot of other far more interesting brews available too. My favourite would have to be a beer by the name of Bohemia. It's quite a full flavoured job, more reminicent of an Australian beer, yet with that nebulous and undefinable super-refreshingness that Mexican beers seem to have in spades. There have been many more goodens - here is a partial list of sampled brews - Sol, Corona, Dos Equis, Pacifico, Tecate, Buchanero, Bohemia, Modelo and the list goes on. Did I mention that it is pretty difficult to find a beer costing over about $1.50 at almost any place over here? How about $5 for a six-pack of corona? Yep - strike another one up for Mehico.

We have sampled quite a few cocktails over here, but the most noteworthy one that Brooke and I have gotten into is the Bull, or the el Toro Bravo. It consists of a beer, into which is placed a shot of rum and some lime juice, a lime and that is all. It is very tasty.

We have also tried plenty of tequila and mezcal. Mezcal turns out to be astoundingly nice - it is like a smoky tequila. We did a tour of the Jose Cuervo distillery, where we learnt a fair bit about tequila and the processes that go into making it. We tasted some extremely nice tequilas - they bear almost no resemblance to the tosh that destroys the nights of underage teenagers everywhere. The good stuff is remarkably smooth and subtle - so we bought a bottle of the 'special family reserve', and will open it for a special occasion. We've also picked up 2 bottles of Mezcal, an Anejo (aged) and a fruit flavoured.

Anyway, no photos for this post - you all know what an alcoholic beverage looks like.

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