Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do I

Do I dare to dream it will be a sunny day next Friday and Saturday, I think I'll keep excepting the worst for the moment, and any luck it will be an amazing day, not to hot or cold.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This time next week...

I would have finished work and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I'm in desperate need to some time off work, and hopefully next year when I go back I'll be refreshed and get back into the swing. But for the moment I'm counting down every day/every our hour and can't wait until I walk out of the door on Tuesday night.

I'm excited about getting married, the wedding and honeymoon as well of course but I last day of work comes 1st so I'm going to look forward to that at the moment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Thanks

Big thanks to my sister who put on my hens night on Saturday, had a great night. it was a murder mystery party with many cocktails and far to much food for someone that has a wedding dress to put on in a few week. Jo turned out to be the murder and we all had heaps of fun dressing up. Will update some photos soon.

C also had his bucks this past weekend and I'm thankful to say he survived in one piece with only a few bruises (all his own fault).

And on Sunday while we recovered from the festivities, the wedding started to seem so much closer than it had on Friday. Starting to get nervous, that same kind of nervous I get when I'm approaching a deadline at work, or before I do a speech. no more procrastinating, its full steam ahead.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Done and Done

Its been a while since I've done this so:
Girls hair clips - Done
My veil - almost done just needs a few tweaks
Saturday brunch outfit - done and so much fun
Lolly bar - everything done
Vases - Almost all done 6 more to go
Ceremony - Done completely written
Vows - Rough out just need editing
Rings - ordered should be picking them up next week
Hair trial - done Craig still want me to have another one but I think I'll sick to one
Kids Bags - done they should keep them occupided and quiet during the ceremony
Bridesmaid dress fitting - next time should just be pick up
Nephews outfits - Done
My dress fittings - Hopefully next time it will be finished still a little big at the moment
Makeup trial - Done, MOH (also my little sister) is doing the makeup did a test last weekend

Still to do:
Chase up the last of the RSVP
Finish Signs - Sunday
Ceremony music
Reception music (for while the band are on breaks)
Write instructions
Flower trial - Sunday

Its looking manageable.

I've got my hens one Saturday which is really exciting but will mean I'm not going to get too much done this weekend. However I am still hoping to get 3 more vases poured and signs made and do a flower trial, ie learn how to make bouquets.

Should be a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i imagine

that I'll be a little like this...

Amazing photo by our labour of love

claping when I'm happy and excited. i may also add in a little jump and skip every now and than, who knows. I really love this photo because it really does capture the joy and excitement of the couple, nothing to posed, just how it is, who they are - that what I want from my photos to look at them and be able to see and remember how I felt at that moment.

Monday, November 9, 2009


C and I are diving head 1st into planning the honeymoon at the moment. For the most part we are backpacking, our resorses are limited, a bit more limited than I would like. However after tripping around for the 1st weeks of our honeymoon and the crazy year we've had we are going to spoil ourselfs a bit and book a waterfront resort for the last few nights, so we have some hardcore savings to do.

Thats the easy part, saving for the holidays, the hard part, is finding somewhere to stay, it will cost more than any of our other accommodation and it will be our last chance to relax and recharge before the even more crazy year we have ahead. We want to pick the perfect place, but its so hard to find the perfect place online they all look so amazing and I always have more questions I'd like to ask, I think its going to come down to which resort I get the best deal at.

Found at

good weekend

He's back, well he never physically went anywhere but for a while now C has really been here. This years C has gone back to school to do post grad studies part time and working full. In theory he his suppose to have time off to study unfortunatly his work load hasn't decressed at all so while he has had the time off to attend lectures he has more often than not had to make up that time after hours to get the work done, its made this year a hard one.

But Friday was C's last exams for the year, we are home free until Febuary. Yes we, I know he's the one doing the study but that kind of work takes a huge investment of time and energy, and in a relationship everyone is making sacrifies and changes. Its definatly made me appreciate what he goes through with my crazy/unpredicable work hours - creative customer service work the hours can he long and hard and now I understand how it effect him alot more.

The point is I get C back now, happy relaxed not stressed out C.

We had a busy but great weekend this weekend, movies, dress fittings, grandparents, lots of honeymoon planning and wedding organising and catching up on some much needed sleep. I'm much more excited about these last few weeks in the lead up to the wedding now I have C back with me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 month

I getting married, ok so you probably knew that already, but after 8 years together and 8 month of being engaged we are only 1 month away. That right 1 month, I'm starting to get really excited, and I admit a little nervous (not about being married but the other stuff).

1 month and we still have a bit to do, things that I had thought I would have finished by now which may be playing into my nerves, my vases in particular I seem to be having a few problems with the last few. But I'm not too too busy, looking at the list its do able and I should have the last week or 2 reasonable free of jobs which is good.

I started checking the weather every day, and it changes every day, I know this far out it not at all accurate, I just really wish I know what to expect.

Its very exciting.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas is coming

The jolly man in the red suit is coming and its time to think of ways to celebrate the end of a huge year and the begining of a new one. I admit I LOVE giving presents, I often go over board and I spend months shopping for that perfect thing for people. This year C and I will be away for christmas, which is a little sad but next year, when we have our own place and tree I think I'll wrap everything in brown paper and string. I love the white tags and big red Christmas stamps.

Love this look. found on


The wedding is coming up quickly so its time to finalize the details and lock in all my ideas. So I thought I'd start at the beginning, the ceremony. We have a beautiful location so I didn't want to do too much to it.

We have:
- 20 few chairs some of them with reserve place cards hung by ribbon,
- A table with white tablecloth, for the signing with a feather pen that was given to us as a present, I think I'll have a mini tin pails, (that I use as balloon weights for the engagement party) to hold our bouquets while we sign,

We will have (when I finish):
- either a welcome or ceremony sign - need to finish signs
- a table with red and white table cloth, galvanised tubs with beer, sparkling and water for post ceremony toasting while we have our photos and the guest wait for the bus - need to buy drinks

Other ideas I'm tossing up:
- fans to be handed out to guest as they arrive - this might be too much work
- a table with flowers at the beginning of the aisle or where the guest get out of the bus - need to look into what the flowers would cost, would be DIYing.

Table inspiration, image found