Friday, October 30, 2009


its Friday, and I've got lots planed for the weekend. Night I'm making more vasesand I'm designing some jewellery, making hair combs for the girls and a quiet dinner with C, before a big day on Saturday. Bridal shower in the morning - unfortunatly with so much on this weekend (weddings, engagment parties, surgeries, people working or overseas) we don't have many people coming, but afterwards I'd hopefully headed to the beach for a bit before sign making, vase making, jewellery making, shopping, jar scrapping and many other crafty projects. More of the same on Sunday plus shopping with Mum.

Busy, but hopefully C will come away from the books for long enough for us to do something fun together, I don't like it when he works and studies so hard, I hardly get to talk or spend any time with him. And with C studying I'm bound to get lots of wedding jobs done and off the list, the list seems to be getting smaller quicker these days very exciting. Got heaps done with week, has lost to write about - when I get more time.

Sign making this weekend image from snippet and ink

Monday, October 26, 2009


So C and I had a busy weekend this weekend getting heaps of stuff done. One of my favourite jobs on the weekend was the food tasting. Food is something that's really important to C and I, it was really important that everyone gets enough food (we've all been to weddings where the food is a little light on) and that the food is good. It is were we are spending most of our budget so we really want to get it right. The tasting was great C we are really happy with everything we choose for the final menu.

We gave the food options a lot and of thought, the only concern now is for the canapes, making sure they are spread enough within the crowd and everyone gets feed, particularly as we are extending the canapes and not having an entree. There is also the problem of some people not liking this or that but I think we have some up with a menu that is pretty likable, and if they don't, well honestly you can't keep everyone happy and if we attempted to we'd be miserable.

Some my highlight of the menu where the:

hand formed poppy seed bagels with capsicum, Persian feta, rocket and almond paste - so much better than I'd expected.

baby beef fillet wrapped in prosciutto and truffle on potato galette - I could get an entire plate of this.

ginger crust - part of the main, I'm not 100% sure whats in this but I love it, I want the recipe.

twice baked passion fruit souffl├ęs - actually backed in the shell the the passionfruit, and so light and summery.

Have to thank the team at The Boatshed, for pulling it all together and doing such an amazing job, really looking forward to eating it all again at the wedding.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeling guilty

Ok so I'm feeling a little guilty at the moment. C and I received our 1st No's to the wedding and I have to admit I was a little excited, not because I didn't want these people at the wedding, far from it I was sad that they couldn't come. The realisation that I am about to get married and say my vows in front of a lot people has set in. I have maintain during the entire process that I want a small wedding and while 80 people is small to a lot of people it still seems huge to me. Let 80 people into a very personal, private and emotion moment is a bit scary.

Everyone I have invited I want at the wedding but at the same time there is a little part of me that is happy when people say no and the wedding becomes smaller. I can't help it and I feel bad but letting people into something so important is hard, and I think I have to struggle with it a little longer before I feel 100% comfortable.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No my dress

But wow, how amazing is it and the dress is an original from the 1950s, I would love to have had an old dress, love the history of them. And to top it all of the bride only bought the dress a week and a half before the wedding.

Check out more photos at snippet and ink

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

such a good idea

When C and I where looking at venues for the wedding we thought a lot about weather and how it would effect everything. I would really loved to have had the entire wedding outside but I just didn't trust we'd get the weather particularly after the engagement party mess.

If we had our wedding outside we'd have to have a marque. I have nothing against a marque but I just didn't want a marquee, if it did rain it would be a pain to get guest in and out and if it didn't rain we'd have this amazing location and the marquee would be totally blocking the view.

But today I saw this photo and thought it was an awesome idea, if the weather is good don't put the cover over the frame, if the weather is bad but the cover on. It looks really good.

Just because...

the sun the finally out and shinning, and these made me smile.

found on black eiffel

I'm in love

When I was a little kid you could walk to the corner store and buy these individually wrapped strawberry heart candies, they where the best, both C and I have memories of saving our pennies to blow it all on strawberry candy. Neither of us thought they existed anymore, but i found them on ebay when I was searching for wedding lollies and I couldn't resits. Today 3 tubs got delivered to my desk and I'm finding it difficult not to rip them open and eat them all myself.

When I get stuff like this I get really excited about the wedding, they are just fun little things that I love.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The sun comes out

So a few weekends back C and I went down the coast for a wedding. We arrive early on the Wednesday night and the weather was awful, to be generous, it was raining. No one held much hope for the weather on Saturday. As most guest had arrived early everyone meet at the local pub for dinner and it seemed most of the female conversation revolved around what we were wearing and how we planed to combat the cold.

But on Saturday morning when we woke up the sun was out and it was warm, I'm not going to say hot but a huge improvement on where we had been. Looking back I felt that was appropriate, getting married within 2 month of one another the bride and I had spoken to each other a lot about the ups and down and helped each other out as much as we could during the whole process. She had a rough time planning her wedding so when the sun came out on Saturday and everything seemed to fall into place it seemed right.

I know there would have been problems and some things wouldn't have gone as planned, but as a guest I didn't notice any of it, to me it seemed perfect. The day they deserved after all the hard work.

I didn't take my good camera but I got a few shoots with my point and shoot, so I thought I'd share some of the awesomeness of it. (Just the details)

I've always said my weakness is food, Lollies, cake, dinner.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Done and Done

So ever since I got the invites sent out things seem to be coming together really nicely and easily.

While we where away we picked 2 locations for the ceremony - one for if its really sunny and hot and one for if its not. We ordered and paid for out cakes, paid the deposit on the buses, booked a tasting.

And since we have been back I've started buying the lollies for the lolly bar (the best job ever), bought the last of our flights for the honeymoon, bought some us dollars while the exchange rate is good, booked hair trial, started working with my sister on makeup looks, made a new mould for vases, and I've scrapped heaps of labels off jam jars. I also received my awesome guest certificate, made by my friend Clare, I'm so happy with how it turned out, better than I could have expected - but this deserves its own post. will take a photo or 2 and fill you in later.

Things are moving much faster now and finally coming together.

This weekend I'm off to a dress fitting and out to help mum and dad pick there out fits, no I'm not a bridzilla telling them what they have to wear, they want me to come with them so I am. and hopefully I'll be able to buy some more lollies, and buy the rest of the drinks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I've reached that point in the planning process when you become very busy with all the last minute jobs and parties. Because everyone will be paying for accommodation for the wedding I didn't really feel comfortable having anything else that would cost people money so I said no parties. However some things just aren't in my control. My sisters are putting on a bridal shower. And it was made clear by everyone that it would be a big let down to everyone if I didn't have a hens.

So a parties we are having, the hens is still being worked out but I'm also having a shower in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't really know much about whats going on, just when and where, I did ask for them to say no presents (again don't want people to think they have to spend money) but I'm not sure they did that. Since we are having party now I have 2 requests

1. we play the toilet paper dress game - looks like some much fun
2. we have a Decorate your own cup cake stand

I 1st saw the Decorate your own cup cake stand on and after checking out the entire party at Boutwell Studio I decided I must have it. So simple, you start with the cake, tell people to decorate, provided some decorations, and there you have it fun.

The whole party is put together so well, I can't wait until I have a backyard to do something like this in.

Check out more over at Boutwell Studio

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This weekend C and I have taken some time off and headed down the coast for a long weekend. We are staying in Gerringong for a friends wedding, I'm really excited, it sound like its going to be heaps of fun.

And while we are down this direction C and I thought we'd get some wedding chores knocked off, so later today we are headed to Nowra to work out travelling time between venues so we can finalise the running sheet, order the cakes, which we are now having on the Saturday at Brunch rather than during the wedding, to many people don't eat the cake at the wedding, and these cakes are really good we want people to eat them. The most exciting of all, we are picking our ceremony location, we'll stop in at about the time of the wedding to see where the sun and shade is to pick a nice place on the field to get married.

Its going to be a good weekend I think.


So I've been a little absent of late, mostly because I've been working like crazy and I've been doing the invites, but they are done, yeah. Last night I did the finishing touches on all of them and printed the envelopes than wrapped up the family invites and my mum has kindly offered to wrap up and stuff the envelopes on the other while I'm away for the weekend.

Sorry no pictures yet of the invites, haven't taken photos yet.

Yeah It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders to know that by tomorrow all the invites will be in the post, now all I have to do is wait and see how many people RSVP in time. I know I will have to chase, and some people will just say they are coming but I really really hope people actually fill in the form and send it back. I am usually the sort of person that remembers everything but at the moment with so much going on I'm forgetting things, so if people just tell me "yeah we're coming and we are staying at x" I'm almost certain to forget. It would cut down stress so much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What it should be

Found on rest of this wedding is also well worth a look.

If you were to ask me a wedding cake should look like a cake you want to get, not a fancy table ornament. like this cake. I just want to want to eat it all and lick the plate clean, I mean fresh cream and strawberries who wouldn't want to eat that.