Saturday, December 26, 2009

In paradise with no clothes...

...No, we haven't gone all naturalist and become nudest, we flew from Guadalajara to Puerto Escondido via Mexico city and my bag didn't arrive - C's made it but for some reason mine got lost along the way. At 1st I had a bit of a laugh about it, they assured me that it would arrive the next day and everything would be fine, I figured I'd just buy a few things to get me through until the bag arrived. Little did I know how stressful shopping in a country where you don't speak the language could be. The sizing system in the shops was very different from home and we couldn't ask for help because we didn't know enough spanish. we got it all worked out in the end and managed to buy swimmers and a change of clothes but it was hard work. We decided our time in Puerto would be relax time, no rushing around sight seeing or waking up early. So we had 2 days of pure blissful relaxing on the beach. we discovered an amazing coastal walk that took us to the secluded little beach/fishing port a perfect place to cool off and swim. I did consider jumping out of a plane (skydiving) over Zicatella beach but I was a bit worried about the safety standards in Mexico. I don't really think there is much I could say about Puerto, except that it was amazing - the water was warm and azure blue, the beaches were stunning, the people were chilled out and friendly, the weather was hot, the food was awesome (one of the best seafood dinners we've ever had), and, as ever, the drinks were dirt cheap. We could have stayed there for a very long time...

Yup - tasty as it looks.

Told everyone that we'd send 'em a photo of me chilling out on the beach with a pina colada.

In the rather inviting ocean.

One of many of the beautiful little bays that make up puerto escondido.

The coastal walk

Overlooking the main town

Sunday, December 20, 2009

To Guadalajara

So, got the bus to Guadalajara. Got off, and immediately realised that we were thoroughly lost after getting out of our taxi. The driver swore black and blue that we were at the address we pointed him too. The lack of presence of our actual hostel begged to differ. After some directions from a local hotelier, and walking through a few sketchy streets and back alleys, we happened upon our destination. We knew things wouldn't be so easy though, when our friendly neighbourhood hostel manager kept glancing repeatedly from our booking confirmation to his computer records and back again nervously. Turns out our room had been booked out for the first night of our stay due to a lag in the computer system (or some non-sensicle excuse), but that we could have a whole dorm to ourselves for the first night and a cut in the price as compensation. Seeing as we were only paying about AU$25 for the private room per night in the first place, this was not such a great deal.

Anyway, went out and about to see the town after this and knew immediately that we would be in for a treat. Mexico's cities are all about their zocalos - the central squares in the centre of the city where everybody comes to hang out, chat, play chess, smoke cigars, drink tequila or beer, and, of course, eat good food. Guadlajara's zolcalos were many and impressive - they kept going one after the other forever, with a good deal of sculpture, water features, colonial buildings, art work, live music and performance art thrown in to the mix to make it especially awesome. So we spent the first day just wandering around, snapping piccies, sampling the food and beer. You know - enjoying life and soaking the place in. Of course, it almost goes without saying that there were many impressive cathedrals, monuments, dedications, government buildings etc etc. to check out. We called it a night on day one with a sense of excitement about the place.

Day 2, we got up and headed out again to see the place in some more light and to check out some museums. All were interesting, but the highlight would have to have been one that contained a fully recontstrcuted whoolly mammoth skeleton inside. I don't have to tell you that it was pure awesome. Next, on to the cathedral. Let me just say that it was impressive. Damn impressive. However, it has become apprent that, in mexico at least, catholics (of which the country boasts an 85% subscription rate) are into some odd, and let's just say, plane freaky stuff. In this particular cathedral, a little girl who died about 100 years or so ago is a revered figure within the church. They have this doll, all dressed up in white modelled on her, lying in a glass cabinet in the church. What is truly freaky is that a) the paint is all faded and pealing off the doll, making it look more than a little menacing, if not downright scary, and b) that they HAVE THE ACTUAL BONES OF ONE OF HER HANDS IN A HAND-SHAPED FISHNET GLOVE PROTRUDING FROM ONE ARM OF THE DOLLS DRESS, ALONG WITH A POT OF HER BLOOD SITTING IN THERE WITH THE DOLL. It is literally the scariest thing I have ever seen, and surely in poor taste. Yet there it is, and the people of guadalajara absolutely adore it. Anyway, that pretty much filled in that day, along with a lot of other walking around seeing the sights, eating good food and finding a few cool little bars.

The next day we did a tour out to the town of Tequila, famous for, yes, being the origin of the drink Tequila!! We did a tour around the Jose Cuervo distillery, where we learnt all about how the drink is made, sampled some tequila at various points alongt the production line, and sampled some very very nice stuff that I had no idea existed at the end (Anejo Tequila, anyone?) We bought a bottle of some of the nicer stuff we tasted there, and then went out to another tequila producer to sample their wares. Then home again, when we went to a little restaurant that got a shining review in the lonely planet guidebook (also up the road from our hotel, and busy every time we walked past it). It was a tiny little out of the way and unassuming place, but I can honestly say that the food we ate there was trancendental. Easily the best mexican we've had in mexico, and easily the best mexican i've had ever. Possibly the best FOOD i've had ever, damn it all! Pure awesome.

Anyway, Guadalajara was awesome - could have spent a week there easily, but we decided that we needed some time at the beach. We flew to Puerto Escondido the next day, which was possibly even better - heaven on earth. But that's a story for the next post, isn't it?

i love this city

possibly the worst drink in the world - food is suppose to be spicy and salty not drinks. also the worst photo of brooke.

not the best photo but the creepy bone hand and blood viel.

the mamonth

the magic agave fields in the magical town of Tequilla - they actually called it the magical town of tequilla which was strange.

Brooke's commander in chief;

Brooke'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

moving on

So day 3 C and I intended on an early morning breakfast a quick wander around the city before we left Mexico city and headed for Morelia - thats not how it worked out, C and I had been struggling a little with the time change and still recovering from the long flight, in the morning we had been setting multiple alarms to get up, it was hard but we had managed it, today however we weren't so lucky. We still aren't 100% sure what happened but I'm pretty sure we slept through 5 alarms and woke up at 11am. Needless to say it was a rushed and crazy start to the day. But we managed to buy our ticket and arrive at the bus terminal 5mins before the bus left, perfect timing.

At the other end things went a lot better, we managed to get a taxi driver that spoke a little english and taught us a bit more spanish. the 1st hostel we tried had just had a cancelation so they had a free room, and the city was awesome.

We walked around it for some time - all of the buildings were restored colonial buildlings from the time of spansish rule. The centrepiece of the city was, without doubt, their amazing cathedral.When lit up at night, it is a very impressive sight. So we had some dinner, wandered into the cathedral and generally walked around, sampling the regional sweet specialities, and generally checking the place out.

The next day, we got up and walked down the markets to a church at the end of the street that we heard was pretty weird/amazing. No sonner had we come upon it than a weird mexican catholic parade of marching band and dancing old ladies marched down the street, into the church and started with all kinds of dancing and partying. The inside of the church was truly something to behold - it was like Salvador Dali and Lewis Carroll's love child, however that would work. The inside was ornate gold filligreed wood carving pretty much everywhere the eye looked, with pink and green patterns everywhere, truly creepy carvings of various saints, the virgin mary and many other catholic figureheads, flowers everywhere, candles, incense, alters, symbology, blah blah blah - it was over the top x 1000. The parade into the church added another level of truly odd, and then the icing on the cake was provided by those amazingly dedicated individuals who WALKED ON THIER KNEES down the ~1 KM OR SO OF COBBLE-STONED STREET to the church, inside and up to the alter, presumably as some sort of petition or penance. All I can say is that it would hurt beyond imagination, and the looks on their faces pretty much confirmed that in my books.

Anyway, after this, we spent the arvo visiting a few museums, eating some mighty fine mexican and drinking a couple of cervezas, and forumlating the next part of our trip - off to Guadalajara tomorrow!

Women dancing in a marching nad parade in your local Morelian Catholic Extravaganza.

Just the dome of what must surely be the most ornate church interior in the world... The photo really doesn't do it justice.

Another quiet little corner of Morelia.

Old colonial government building in Morelia.

The Morelian cathdral - truly an awe inspiring sight, particularly at night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

we made it...

To the top of not one but 2 pyramids. Our second day in Mexico City C and I went out to Teotihuacan to check out the pyramids. We managed to drag our very unfit and out of shape bodies up not one but 2 pyramids. There was a warming sign at the bottom which we couldn't read, but showed vividly enough via a picture of a stylised man cluthing at his heart with cracks through it made us question whether we should really attempt it, but in the end we did and I was rather impressed with our efforts.

We also went to the anthropology museum, caught a crazy bus - they don't have bus stops in mexico you stand on the side of the road and hail a bus, which leads to the bus stoping every 5m for the next person for the entire length of the journey, more eating (this as you may have guessed is a bit of a theme in our trip/lives.) and more aztec dancing in the street.

View of the moon pyramid, before climbing it.

View from the top of the moon pyramid

The beast (the Pyramid of the Sun)

On the way up the Sun Pyramid (jeans were a bad choice - much warmer than expected)

The view down to the city below from the Sun Pyramid.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

greetings from Mexico

So I'm not one for being on the internet during your honeymoon but we've got a 4 hr bus trip ahead of us and free WiFi so it seemed like the perfect time to send a quick update home.

What can I say... we flew into Mexico City, which is huge and has so many people, it was a bit overwhelming at 1st. But the winter Christmas festival and the party mood put us in the spirit. We got out and saw the ruins of Templo Mayor, the museum, did a hop on hop off bus trip around the city (really does make you appreciate how big the city is) wondered around the histroic distric, got our 1st taste of Mexican food, saw the mariachis and watched some Aztec dance - that was just the 1st day.

I'm tired just thinking about it. Hope all is well back home.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

its offical

Its offical, I'm a married woman. The wedding happened on Friday and it was amazing, a few slight hiccups but C and I had an awesome time and couldn't have been happier with the way it all went. The Saturday brunch also went perfectly, biggest shock to both C and I was the weather, it was perfect the entire weekend. I've got heaps to write about the wedding but I think I'll save most of that for after the honeymoon.

Now we're off on that BIG honeymoon we've been looking forward to for so long. We sent Friday-Monday down the south coast enjoying the sun, the quiet and recoperating - doesn't matter how much people worn you about be tried after the wedding your never quite ready for it when it hits you, we spent a LOT of time sleeping.

After some frantic last minute packing and some stressful moment unable to find our travel cards we made our 1st flight, now we are in LA waiting at the airport for our connecting flight. got another hour to burn before we can check in than more time to kill after that, not the most exciting part of our trip but we'll arrive bright and early in Mexico ready to hit the ground running, and I can't wait.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do I

Do I dare to dream it will be a sunny day next Friday and Saturday, I think I'll keep excepting the worst for the moment, and any luck it will be an amazing day, not to hot or cold.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This time next week...

I would have finished work and I can't tell you how excited I am about that. I'm in desperate need to some time off work, and hopefully next year when I go back I'll be refreshed and get back into the swing. But for the moment I'm counting down every day/every our hour and can't wait until I walk out of the door on Tuesday night.

I'm excited about getting married, the wedding and honeymoon as well of course but I last day of work comes 1st so I'm going to look forward to that at the moment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Thanks

Big thanks to my sister who put on my hens night on Saturday, had a great night. it was a murder mystery party with many cocktails and far to much food for someone that has a wedding dress to put on in a few week. Jo turned out to be the murder and we all had heaps of fun dressing up. Will update some photos soon.

C also had his bucks this past weekend and I'm thankful to say he survived in one piece with only a few bruises (all his own fault).

And on Sunday while we recovered from the festivities, the wedding started to seem so much closer than it had on Friday. Starting to get nervous, that same kind of nervous I get when I'm approaching a deadline at work, or before I do a speech. no more procrastinating, its full steam ahead.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Done and Done

Its been a while since I've done this so:
Girls hair clips - Done
My veil - almost done just needs a few tweaks
Saturday brunch outfit - done and so much fun
Lolly bar - everything done
Vases - Almost all done 6 more to go
Ceremony - Done completely written
Vows - Rough out just need editing
Rings - ordered should be picking them up next week
Hair trial - done Craig still want me to have another one but I think I'll sick to one
Kids Bags - done they should keep them occupided and quiet during the ceremony
Bridesmaid dress fitting - next time should just be pick up
Nephews outfits - Done
My dress fittings - Hopefully next time it will be finished still a little big at the moment
Makeup trial - Done, MOH (also my little sister) is doing the makeup did a test last weekend

Still to do:
Chase up the last of the RSVP
Finish Signs - Sunday
Ceremony music
Reception music (for while the band are on breaks)
Write instructions
Flower trial - Sunday

Its looking manageable.

I've got my hens one Saturday which is really exciting but will mean I'm not going to get too much done this weekend. However I am still hoping to get 3 more vases poured and signs made and do a flower trial, ie learn how to make bouquets.

Should be a good weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i imagine

that I'll be a little like this...

Amazing photo by our labour of love

claping when I'm happy and excited. i may also add in a little jump and skip every now and than, who knows. I really love this photo because it really does capture the joy and excitement of the couple, nothing to posed, just how it is, who they are - that what I want from my photos to look at them and be able to see and remember how I felt at that moment.

Monday, November 9, 2009


C and I are diving head 1st into planning the honeymoon at the moment. For the most part we are backpacking, our resorses are limited, a bit more limited than I would like. However after tripping around for the 1st weeks of our honeymoon and the crazy year we've had we are going to spoil ourselfs a bit and book a waterfront resort for the last few nights, so we have some hardcore savings to do.

Thats the easy part, saving for the holidays, the hard part, is finding somewhere to stay, it will cost more than any of our other accommodation and it will be our last chance to relax and recharge before the even more crazy year we have ahead. We want to pick the perfect place, but its so hard to find the perfect place online they all look so amazing and I always have more questions I'd like to ask, I think its going to come down to which resort I get the best deal at.

Found at

good weekend

He's back, well he never physically went anywhere but for a while now C has really been here. This years C has gone back to school to do post grad studies part time and working full. In theory he his suppose to have time off to study unfortunatly his work load hasn't decressed at all so while he has had the time off to attend lectures he has more often than not had to make up that time after hours to get the work done, its made this year a hard one.

But Friday was C's last exams for the year, we are home free until Febuary. Yes we, I know he's the one doing the study but that kind of work takes a huge investment of time and energy, and in a relationship everyone is making sacrifies and changes. Its definatly made me appreciate what he goes through with my crazy/unpredicable work hours - creative customer service work the hours can he long and hard and now I understand how it effect him alot more.

The point is I get C back now, happy relaxed not stressed out C.

We had a busy but great weekend this weekend, movies, dress fittings, grandparents, lots of honeymoon planning and wedding organising and catching up on some much needed sleep. I'm much more excited about these last few weeks in the lead up to the wedding now I have C back with me.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 month

I getting married, ok so you probably knew that already, but after 8 years together and 8 month of being engaged we are only 1 month away. That right 1 month, I'm starting to get really excited, and I admit a little nervous (not about being married but the other stuff).

1 month and we still have a bit to do, things that I had thought I would have finished by now which may be playing into my nerves, my vases in particular I seem to be having a few problems with the last few. But I'm not too too busy, looking at the list its do able and I should have the last week or 2 reasonable free of jobs which is good.

I started checking the weather every day, and it changes every day, I know this far out it not at all accurate, I just really wish I know what to expect.

Its very exciting.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christmas is coming

The jolly man in the red suit is coming and its time to think of ways to celebrate the end of a huge year and the begining of a new one. I admit I LOVE giving presents, I often go over board and I spend months shopping for that perfect thing for people. This year C and I will be away for christmas, which is a little sad but next year, when we have our own place and tree I think I'll wrap everything in brown paper and string. I love the white tags and big red Christmas stamps.

Love this look. found on


The wedding is coming up quickly so its time to finalize the details and lock in all my ideas. So I thought I'd start at the beginning, the ceremony. We have a beautiful location so I didn't want to do too much to it.

We have:
- 20 few chairs some of them with reserve place cards hung by ribbon,
- A table with white tablecloth, for the signing with a feather pen that was given to us as a present, I think I'll have a mini tin pails, (that I use as balloon weights for the engagement party) to hold our bouquets while we sign,

We will have (when I finish):
- either a welcome or ceremony sign - need to finish signs
- a table with red and white table cloth, galvanised tubs with beer, sparkling and water for post ceremony toasting while we have our photos and the guest wait for the bus - need to buy drinks

Other ideas I'm tossing up:
- fans to be handed out to guest as they arrive - this might be too much work
- a table with flowers at the beginning of the aisle or where the guest get out of the bus - need to look into what the flowers would cost, would be DIYing.

Table inspiration, image found

Friday, October 30, 2009


its Friday, and I've got lots planed for the weekend. Night I'm making more vasesand I'm designing some jewellery, making hair combs for the girls and a quiet dinner with C, before a big day on Saturday. Bridal shower in the morning - unfortunatly with so much on this weekend (weddings, engagment parties, surgeries, people working or overseas) we don't have many people coming, but afterwards I'd hopefully headed to the beach for a bit before sign making, vase making, jewellery making, shopping, jar scrapping and many other crafty projects. More of the same on Sunday plus shopping with Mum.

Busy, but hopefully C will come away from the books for long enough for us to do something fun together, I don't like it when he works and studies so hard, I hardly get to talk or spend any time with him. And with C studying I'm bound to get lots of wedding jobs done and off the list, the list seems to be getting smaller quicker these days very exciting. Got heaps done with week, has lost to write about - when I get more time.

Sign making this weekend image from snippet and ink

Monday, October 26, 2009


So C and I had a busy weekend this weekend getting heaps of stuff done. One of my favourite jobs on the weekend was the food tasting. Food is something that's really important to C and I, it was really important that everyone gets enough food (we've all been to weddings where the food is a little light on) and that the food is good. It is were we are spending most of our budget so we really want to get it right. The tasting was great C we are really happy with everything we choose for the final menu.

We gave the food options a lot and of thought, the only concern now is for the canapes, making sure they are spread enough within the crowd and everyone gets feed, particularly as we are extending the canapes and not having an entree. There is also the problem of some people not liking this or that but I think we have some up with a menu that is pretty likable, and if they don't, well honestly you can't keep everyone happy and if we attempted to we'd be miserable.

Some my highlight of the menu where the:

hand formed poppy seed bagels with capsicum, Persian feta, rocket and almond paste - so much better than I'd expected.

baby beef fillet wrapped in prosciutto and truffle on potato galette - I could get an entire plate of this.

ginger crust - part of the main, I'm not 100% sure whats in this but I love it, I want the recipe.

twice baked passion fruit souffl├ęs - actually backed in the shell the the passionfruit, and so light and summery.

Have to thank the team at The Boatshed, for pulling it all together and doing such an amazing job, really looking forward to eating it all again at the wedding.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeling guilty

Ok so I'm feeling a little guilty at the moment. C and I received our 1st No's to the wedding and I have to admit I was a little excited, not because I didn't want these people at the wedding, far from it I was sad that they couldn't come. The realisation that I am about to get married and say my vows in front of a lot people has set in. I have maintain during the entire process that I want a small wedding and while 80 people is small to a lot of people it still seems huge to me. Let 80 people into a very personal, private and emotion moment is a bit scary.

Everyone I have invited I want at the wedding but at the same time there is a little part of me that is happy when people say no and the wedding becomes smaller. I can't help it and I feel bad but letting people into something so important is hard, and I think I have to struggle with it a little longer before I feel 100% comfortable.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

No my dress

But wow, how amazing is it and the dress is an original from the 1950s, I would love to have had an old dress, love the history of them. And to top it all of the bride only bought the dress a week and a half before the wedding.

Check out more photos at snippet and ink

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

such a good idea

When C and I where looking at venues for the wedding we thought a lot about weather and how it would effect everything. I would really loved to have had the entire wedding outside but I just didn't trust we'd get the weather particularly after the engagement party mess.

If we had our wedding outside we'd have to have a marque. I have nothing against a marque but I just didn't want a marquee, if it did rain it would be a pain to get guest in and out and if it didn't rain we'd have this amazing location and the marquee would be totally blocking the view.

But today I saw this photo and thought it was an awesome idea, if the weather is good don't put the cover over the frame, if the weather is bad but the cover on. It looks really good.

Just because...

the sun the finally out and shinning, and these made me smile.

found on black eiffel

I'm in love

When I was a little kid you could walk to the corner store and buy these individually wrapped strawberry heart candies, they where the best, both C and I have memories of saving our pennies to blow it all on strawberry candy. Neither of us thought they existed anymore, but i found them on ebay when I was searching for wedding lollies and I couldn't resits. Today 3 tubs got delivered to my desk and I'm finding it difficult not to rip them open and eat them all myself.

When I get stuff like this I get really excited about the wedding, they are just fun little things that I love.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The sun comes out

So a few weekends back C and I went down the coast for a wedding. We arrive early on the Wednesday night and the weather was awful, to be generous, it was raining. No one held much hope for the weather on Saturday. As most guest had arrived early everyone meet at the local pub for dinner and it seemed most of the female conversation revolved around what we were wearing and how we planed to combat the cold.

But on Saturday morning when we woke up the sun was out and it was warm, I'm not going to say hot but a huge improvement on where we had been. Looking back I felt that was appropriate, getting married within 2 month of one another the bride and I had spoken to each other a lot about the ups and down and helped each other out as much as we could during the whole process. She had a rough time planning her wedding so when the sun came out on Saturday and everything seemed to fall into place it seemed right.

I know there would have been problems and some things wouldn't have gone as planned, but as a guest I didn't notice any of it, to me it seemed perfect. The day they deserved after all the hard work.

I didn't take my good camera but I got a few shoots with my point and shoot, so I thought I'd share some of the awesomeness of it. (Just the details)

I've always said my weakness is food, Lollies, cake, dinner.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Done and Done

So ever since I got the invites sent out things seem to be coming together really nicely and easily.

While we where away we picked 2 locations for the ceremony - one for if its really sunny and hot and one for if its not. We ordered and paid for out cakes, paid the deposit on the buses, booked a tasting.

And since we have been back I've started buying the lollies for the lolly bar (the best job ever), bought the last of our flights for the honeymoon, bought some us dollars while the exchange rate is good, booked hair trial, started working with my sister on makeup looks, made a new mould for vases, and I've scrapped heaps of labels off jam jars. I also received my awesome guest certificate, made by my friend Clare, I'm so happy with how it turned out, better than I could have expected - but this deserves its own post. will take a photo or 2 and fill you in later.

Things are moving much faster now and finally coming together.

This weekend I'm off to a dress fitting and out to help mum and dad pick there out fits, no I'm not a bridzilla telling them what they have to wear, they want me to come with them so I am. and hopefully I'll be able to buy some more lollies, and buy the rest of the drinks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


So I've reached that point in the planning process when you become very busy with all the last minute jobs and parties. Because everyone will be paying for accommodation for the wedding I didn't really feel comfortable having anything else that would cost people money so I said no parties. However some things just aren't in my control. My sisters are putting on a bridal shower. And it was made clear by everyone that it would be a big let down to everyone if I didn't have a hens.

So a parties we are having, the hens is still being worked out but I'm also having a shower in 2 1/2 weeks. I don't really know much about whats going on, just when and where, I did ask for them to say no presents (again don't want people to think they have to spend money) but I'm not sure they did that. Since we are having party now I have 2 requests

1. we play the toilet paper dress game - looks like some much fun
2. we have a Decorate your own cup cake stand

I 1st saw the Decorate your own cup cake stand on and after checking out the entire party at Boutwell Studio I decided I must have it. So simple, you start with the cake, tell people to decorate, provided some decorations, and there you have it fun.

The whole party is put together so well, I can't wait until I have a backyard to do something like this in.

Check out more over at Boutwell Studio

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This weekend C and I have taken some time off and headed down the coast for a long weekend. We are staying in Gerringong for a friends wedding, I'm really excited, it sound like its going to be heaps of fun.

And while we are down this direction C and I thought we'd get some wedding chores knocked off, so later today we are headed to Nowra to work out travelling time between venues so we can finalise the running sheet, order the cakes, which we are now having on the Saturday at Brunch rather than during the wedding, to many people don't eat the cake at the wedding, and these cakes are really good we want people to eat them. The most exciting of all, we are picking our ceremony location, we'll stop in at about the time of the wedding to see where the sun and shade is to pick a nice place on the field to get married.

Its going to be a good weekend I think.


So I've been a little absent of late, mostly because I've been working like crazy and I've been doing the invites, but they are done, yeah. Last night I did the finishing touches on all of them and printed the envelopes than wrapped up the family invites and my mum has kindly offered to wrap up and stuff the envelopes on the other while I'm away for the weekend.

Sorry no pictures yet of the invites, haven't taken photos yet.

Yeah It feels like a huge weight off my shoulders to know that by tomorrow all the invites will be in the post, now all I have to do is wait and see how many people RSVP in time. I know I will have to chase, and some people will just say they are coming but I really really hope people actually fill in the form and send it back. I am usually the sort of person that remembers everything but at the moment with so much going on I'm forgetting things, so if people just tell me "yeah we're coming and we are staying at x" I'm almost certain to forget. It would cut down stress so much.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What it should be

Found on rest of this wedding is also well worth a look.

If you were to ask me a wedding cake should look like a cake you want to get, not a fancy table ornament. like this cake. I just want to want to eat it all and lick the plate clean, I mean fresh cream and strawberries who wouldn't want to eat that.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Me like

I was sent a link to today now seriously want to shop. Look at this cuteness how could I not want it. And it would make such a good beach to bar outfit when I'm in Mexico.