Sunday, January 3, 2010

we survived the vomit comit

So to make our way from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca we had 3 options, fly (in a 13 seater plane - very $$$) catch the bus for 8 hour the long way round, or catch a van they nick-named the vomit comet through/up the beautiful winding mountain highway for 5 hours. We opted for the vans. And where rewarded for it, the scenery was amazing and no one on the bus was sick.

We'd heard and read a lot of stories about the van - how winding the road is, that it would making the best traveller sick, so just prior to getting on we each took a travel sickness tablet, lucky neither of us really needed it - we don't normally get car sick and while it was definitly the windiest roads I've been on neither of us had the slightest bit of sickness.

Not the best photos I know but they where taking out the window while hurtling around the mountian

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mina said...

we took the overnight bus from mexico to oaxaca. it was scary.