Thursday, December 17, 2009

we made it...

To the top of not one but 2 pyramids. Our second day in Mexico City C and I went out to Teotihuacan to check out the pyramids. We managed to drag our very unfit and out of shape bodies up not one but 2 pyramids. There was a warming sign at the bottom which we couldn't read, but showed vividly enough via a picture of a stylised man cluthing at his heart with cracks through it made us question whether we should really attempt it, but in the end we did and I was rather impressed with our efforts.

We also went to the anthropology museum, caught a crazy bus - they don't have bus stops in mexico you stand on the side of the road and hail a bus, which leads to the bus stoping every 5m for the next person for the entire length of the journey, more eating (this as you may have guessed is a bit of a theme in our trip/lives.) and more aztec dancing in the street.

View of the moon pyramid, before climbing it.

View from the top of the moon pyramid

The beast (the Pyramid of the Sun)

On the way up the Sun Pyramid (jeans were a bad choice - much warmer than expected)

The view down to the city below from the Sun Pyramid.

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