Saturday, December 26, 2009

In paradise with no clothes...

...No, we haven't gone all naturalist and become nudest, we flew from Guadalajara to Puerto Escondido via Mexico city and my bag didn't arrive - C's made it but for some reason mine got lost along the way. At 1st I had a bit of a laugh about it, they assured me that it would arrive the next day and everything would be fine, I figured I'd just buy a few things to get me through until the bag arrived. Little did I know how stressful shopping in a country where you don't speak the language could be. The sizing system in the shops was very different from home and we couldn't ask for help because we didn't know enough spanish. we got it all worked out in the end and managed to buy swimmers and a change of clothes but it was hard work. We decided our time in Puerto would be relax time, no rushing around sight seeing or waking up early. So we had 2 days of pure blissful relaxing on the beach. we discovered an amazing coastal walk that took us to the secluded little beach/fishing port a perfect place to cool off and swim. I did consider jumping out of a plane (skydiving) over Zicatella beach but I was a bit worried about the safety standards in Mexico. I don't really think there is much I could say about Puerto, except that it was amazing - the water was warm and azure blue, the beaches were stunning, the people were chilled out and friendly, the weather was hot, the food was awesome (one of the best seafood dinners we've ever had), and, as ever, the drinks were dirt cheap. We could have stayed there for a very long time...

Yup - tasty as it looks.

Told everyone that we'd send 'em a photo of me chilling out on the beach with a pina colada.

In the rather inviting ocean.

One of many of the beautiful little bays that make up puerto escondido.

The coastal walk

Overlooking the main town

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