Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I'm feeling rather Marthaish at the moment. When I say Marthaish I mean crafty. I have a list of things that I really want to DIY - not wedding related, because it shouldn't all be about the wedding.

I am curious to try Homemade cordial. I haven't tried it yet but I'm already thinking of how I can improvise and create my own flavours. I think homemade cordial would be great in cocktails.

You can find the recipe and a label temple at styleguide.com.au

But it doesn't stop at one thing, I'd also really love to give Jam making a go, I don't eat that much jam but I imagine fresh homemade made jam on fresh homemade scones would be heavy in a tasty morsel. And can you image the smell while you are cooking it would smell amazing.

Images found on alovelymorning.blogspot.com she also has links to some recipies

Last but not least (this one is wedding related but not my wedding) is pom pom making. My good friend over at 7yearwedding.blogspot.com is having a pom pom making day on Saturday in preperation for her Engagement party and I will be helping with DIY engagement party magic. I know this probably sounds strange but I'm really excited about it, a fun ladies craft day.

Her inspiration found at 7yearwedding.blogspot.com

Also good news from the people at weddingstyleguide.blogspot.com Martha Stewart Celebrations range is coming to Australia and will be in stores at Spotlight soon.

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