Sunday, July 5, 2009

More on cakes

C and I went down to Nowra with our parents for the weekend on a planning mission. It all went really well, I'm happy and we achieved a lot.

When I 1st started the planning process I got our reception place to quote us on a cake. When I 1st got the quote I thought it was crazy expensive but after some research and looking around I found it was actually a pretty good price, and I really didn't want to cook it myself. Yesterday we did a tasting and the cake was good....

But my 5 cake idea will work out cheaper and I think look really good. We found a cake shop in Nowra that we are happy with and are the right price. Considering the cake isn't a high pirority for us finding a cheaper alternative is important. Just need to find out the cost of cakage is, if its too expensive maybe we'll go without a cake.

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