Friday, November 13, 2009

Done and Done

Its been a while since I've done this so:
Girls hair clips - Done
My veil - almost done just needs a few tweaks
Saturday brunch outfit - done and so much fun
Lolly bar - everything done
Vases - Almost all done 6 more to go
Ceremony - Done completely written
Vows - Rough out just need editing
Rings - ordered should be picking them up next week
Hair trial - done Craig still want me to have another one but I think I'll sick to one
Kids Bags - done they should keep them occupided and quiet during the ceremony
Bridesmaid dress fitting - next time should just be pick up
Nephews outfits - Done
My dress fittings - Hopefully next time it will be finished still a little big at the moment
Makeup trial - Done, MOH (also my little sister) is doing the makeup did a test last weekend

Still to do:
Chase up the last of the RSVP
Finish Signs - Sunday
Ceremony music
Reception music (for while the band are on breaks)
Write instructions
Flower trial - Sunday

Its looking manageable.

I've got my hens one Saturday which is really exciting but will mean I'm not going to get too much done this weekend. However I am still hoping to get 3 more vases poured and signs made and do a flower trial, ie learn how to make bouquets.

Should be a good weekend.

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Clare said...

Have fun at your hen's!!!! Wish I could be there but looking forward to hearing all about it! :) xx