Monday, November 9, 2009


C and I are diving head 1st into planning the honeymoon at the moment. For the most part we are backpacking, our resorses are limited, a bit more limited than I would like. However after tripping around for the 1st weeks of our honeymoon and the crazy year we've had we are going to spoil ourselfs a bit and book a waterfront resort for the last few nights, so we have some hardcore savings to do.

Thats the easy part, saving for the holidays, the hard part, is finding somewhere to stay, it will cost more than any of our other accommodation and it will be our last chance to relax and recharge before the even more crazy year we have ahead. We want to pick the perfect place, but its so hard to find the perfect place online they all look so amazing and I always have more questions I'd like to ask, I think its going to come down to which resort I get the best deal at.

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