Saturday, May 30, 2009

dresses dresses and more dresses

I went bridesmaid dress shopping today with my sister. My 3 sisters are my bridesmaids, all being very different people I had thought they would all pick a dress they liked and we would get them in the same colour. As they are paying for the dresses I wanted them to have something they like and would wear again. Early on 2 of my sister found dresses they like. My little sister found this Wayne Copper Dress.

One of my older sisters found this dress from Cue

While we where out I found a dress I loved, turns out that the 3 girls all liked the dress as well so we might have found the dresses 1st time out, that was easier than I thought.

These pictures don't show the colours very well, its is dark blue and dark red. Still have to see if we can find the dress in the right size for my oldest sister, we'll see how we go. Still have the option of getting different dresses.

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