Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Where we are so far

So what have I done so far..

Well I got engaged, on a beautiful beach, after a picnic breakfast, while snorkeling - we where looking for buried treasure (well mucking around being silly) and treasure I got, a fiance and a dream ring. Followed by homemade chocolate covered strawberries and my favourite champagne. Than when we finished at the beach we headed home got dressed and hit the town to celebrate with cocktails and dinner.

We've had our engagement party a great night, except for the about hour that it stormed, this being a problem because the party was in the backyard. When the backyard flooded it got a bit stressful. Also a good lesson never plan an outdoor event

I've also found a venue - very hard decision. Ordered a dress, and we have possible found my finances suits pretty good to start.

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