Thursday, August 20, 2009

it happens to everyone

Everyone will as some point in the planning process will come up against a major issue.

I think I've just got mine. Its not pleasant, its got my stomach in knots and my mind racing 1000 m/h trying to find a solution. I've tried so hard not to get my heart set on anything for the wedding incase things go wrong and I can't have them. I only let myself get excited about things when we are booked/done ready to go, that why it is so disappointing to think its not going to work. It seems crazy that I'm getting so upset and worried, at the end of the day C and I will still get married and we'll still be surrounded my our nearest and dearst, but that silly person inside that says "but its my wedding and I really want it" I don't like that little person and I will overcome it if/when need but for the moment C and I are negotiating hard and coming up with backup plans. I'm just hopping we can figure something out.

I'm just think it would be good if this is our only wedding crisis, it would work out nicely to have it over and done with earlier in the game, rather than the week/weekend of the wedding, that would be a really good silver linning.

I know this is very criptic but I don't want to put anything negative out their until I have attempted everything to fix it every way I know how.


mina said...

thanks for visiting our blog. love the 'small wedding-big honeymoon' - i absolutely agree with that sentiment! congratulations and i hope you have an amazing wedding day

Clare said...

oh no sounds bad! let me know if I can help.... although I'm a little far away