Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Party time

Let me introduce you to some friends of mine Aaron and Lenya, you might know Lenya from www.7yearwedding.blogspot.com. Saturday night we celebrated their engagement and BJB studios in Surry hills, Lenya did a great job decorating and really bring the place to life, with pom poms, installations, vintage furniture, candles and beautiful flowers created by cousin Mattew (sorry don't have any more details than that.) They really managed to infuse the place with lots of personality and it made the perfect stage for a great party.

So without further adue,

Meet Aaron and Lenya, the photoboth was a great talking point and got everyone into the swing

Pom pom Love, multicoloured pom poms hang the entire length of the studio and made the place pop.
These where all made by Lenya and family and friends.

Lenya borrowed white chairs and bought second hand chairs and painted them white to fit with her vision.
She also used pieces from the studio itself and made it personal with her own pieces from home.

This master hang from roof above the bar creating a eye catching focal piece for the room.

The pictures don't do these arrangements justise , Lenyas cousin Matt made these (and more) amazing pieces that spread all over the room, light by candles they made dramitic displays.

I apologise my photos don't do it the credit its worth, my point and shoot doesn't perform well in the dark.

I almost forgot, I helped out creating the invites for the night. Lenya had a pretty good idea of what she wanted so this was a quick simple job for me.

Lenya bought me a picture of an invites she love that used handwritten font, so I hand drew the couples name than cleaned it up on the computer to use as a header the the rest was simple, clean and easy.

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