Sunday, August 16, 2009

Slowing down

Things have been a little busy of late and its been making it hard to enjoy the planning process, so I've slowed down. I fully intended on getting back up to speed when other things slow down a bit, the wedding is just 5hrs of my life and I'm not so obsessed with planning small details that I'm going to wear myself down and get stressed out. I'm still getting things done, thinking and planning things but just not running around all weekend doing wedding stuff and working on a new project every night. 

Its actually been really nice, its given C and I a chance to think and talk more about the really important stuff for the wedding... the ceremony. I know food, decorations, flowers, dress and shoes can seem hugely important when your the vacuum that is the wedding world, but none of that really matter. Slowing down has reminded me what I'm doing, I'm marry C, we are starting a new journey, building a life together. So C and I have started working on our ceremony and I'm getting really excited, it will be a long process and I'm thinking pretty emotional but really rewarding. 

So for now I'm in slow motion, working on the important stuff and trying my best to keep everything in perspective.

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