Thursday, August 13, 2009

stealing it

I love these invites, and I'm going to steal them, well not quite steal them, just the idea - illustration on brown recycled paper coloured really brightly. We already have an idea for the wedding invite, going to follow along the same theme as the save the date, but I think we can work this in for the Saturday brunch invites.

Found on

I could do all of this myself but I really like the idea of having people help to create the our day, so maybe I'll ask a friend to do an illustration for me. I'm not sure, it would be fun to do the illustration myself and everyone is so busy, need to give that one more thought.


laura said...

"small wedding big honeymoon" my thoughts exactly...

I love the invitation idea, you cant beat handmade AND recycled.

Clare said...

They are very cute! It's been hectic but this weekend is quiet (and so far next week I have no work!) so I'm going to work on your certificate!