Monday, August 17, 2009


As promised some photos of our engagement party. The inspiration came from Wedding Style Guide magazine.

All C really wanted was lots of meat on a spit

At the last minute we organised a marquee to minimised the effect of the rain

Pretty before the rain, we bagged peanuts and pretzels in brown paper bags and filled zip locked bags with fairy floss, we also set up some games and balloon dart game and a knock'em down tin can ball game.

One of my favourite parts of the night was sitting on the picnic rugs under the trees watching the fire twirler

This was a huge learning experience for C and I, and a defining moment for us in the way we have processed to plan our wedding. This was the moment we decided we needed a small guest list. The night was the beginning of a some slow changes in our life. It directed our focus on what was important to us, our marriage, the beginning of our new life, our incredibly loving and supportive family. The engagement party really brought out the best in some of our friends, I will be forever grateful for the lovely words and thoughtfulness of Mel, Ange, Casey not to mention our family who when everything was going wrong made me laugh and feel all was not washed down the drain.

Don't have many good pictures, the rain distracted people a bit.

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