Monday, August 24, 2009

:( rant

So I'm not sure really want to say about this one, it seems reason doesn't always prevail and you can't always trust that spoken conversations are enough.

The problem is with our ceremony and Brunch venue the Shoalhaven lodge. Our plan for post ceremony had been to serve drinks post ceremony for the 45min so guest can mingle enjoy the surrounds and have some photos, while C and I have our photos. However they have decided that if we want to serve drinks we would have to hire portable toliets, even though we have hired all the the accommodation and the accommodation has 9 toliet (we only have 80 people max). This is dissapointing as it now means C and I plus the bridal party will stay have our photo and simply have to miss 45min-1hr of the reception.

The second problem, even though we had spoken about having all our friends back the next day and holding a brunch at the venue on the saturday a number of times both on the phone and in person, the owners have now decided we would need to pay $1200 + hire portable toliets. Considering we had hired the entire venue from Friday to Sunday and some of the venue on Thursday, $1200 seem to be crazy for having people stand and sit around for a few hours - we aren't putting up a maquee or anything. We where thankfuly able to negotiate this away, however the portable toliets are still a problem - C is looking into prices at the moment but I'm pretty sure we can't afford them.

What does it all mean, C and I + our wedding party will miss the 1st hour of our own reception and we have to find an entire new venue for the brunch and with only 3 month I'm alittle worried about being able to find anything. I'm alittle annoyed as i check all of this before booking anything, the reason we choose the Shoalhaven Lodge was because it was by the river we have and we were able to have all our friends back, if these problems had been brought up earlier we would never have booked, but 3month before the fact we aren't going to be able to find something else as everything is booked. We even offered to pay an additional bond and use the toliets in the cabins that we are already paying for anyway and any problems or damages (I can't really imagine any) would come out of the bond.

So now I'm running around talking to all of the other accommodation properties to asking if we are able to use their properties, hopfully that will be more helpful and reasonable. N ot what I wanted to do this close to the wedding, with so much still to do.

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