Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wedding Spiders

I was curious about the availability of some of the flowers I wanted for the wedding so today I stop passed a florist and casually asked. I was told I was dreaming that all the flowers I asked about wouldn't last for a wedding. I'm not sure why she said this, I mean I've seen heaps of flowers from real wedding using these flowers. But my sister was told the same thing, they said tulips wouldn't last the whole day, but they did - they lasted longer than just the wedding day.

But to be on the safe side I've found a few other flowers I like, and when I do my flower test a few weeks before the wedding (much to the discuss of my sister - who think I should just pay and get them done, or know exactly what I'm doing months in advance) I'll get a bunch of different things to try lots of options. I'm flexable, I go with whats good and available

I really like strange flowers, the kind you would see in Sci-fi movies, alien. So I thought Spider mums would be cool.

found on

all the mums are pretty cool actually, cushion and football, I can just imagine a single giant white football mum coming out of one of the really bright vases, but a bunch like this could be cool too.

Also found on

Cushions and Button poms come in lots of different colours, which is fun.

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