Friday, October 16, 2009

Done and Done

So ever since I got the invites sent out things seem to be coming together really nicely and easily.

While we where away we picked 2 locations for the ceremony - one for if its really sunny and hot and one for if its not. We ordered and paid for out cakes, paid the deposit on the buses, booked a tasting.

And since we have been back I've started buying the lollies for the lolly bar (the best job ever), bought the last of our flights for the honeymoon, bought some us dollars while the exchange rate is good, booked hair trial, started working with my sister on makeup looks, made a new mould for vases, and I've scrapped heaps of labels off jam jars. I also received my awesome guest certificate, made by my friend Clare, I'm so happy with how it turned out, better than I could have expected - but this deserves its own post. will take a photo or 2 and fill you in later.

Things are moving much faster now and finally coming together.

This weekend I'm off to a dress fitting and out to help mum and dad pick there out fits, no I'm not a bridzilla telling them what they have to wear, they want me to come with them so I am. and hopefully I'll be able to buy some more lollies, and buy the rest of the drinks.

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