Monday, October 26, 2009


So C and I had a busy weekend this weekend getting heaps of stuff done. One of my favourite jobs on the weekend was the food tasting. Food is something that's really important to C and I, it was really important that everyone gets enough food (we've all been to weddings where the food is a little light on) and that the food is good. It is were we are spending most of our budget so we really want to get it right. The tasting was great C we are really happy with everything we choose for the final menu.

We gave the food options a lot and of thought, the only concern now is for the canapes, making sure they are spread enough within the crowd and everyone gets feed, particularly as we are extending the canapes and not having an entree. There is also the problem of some people not liking this or that but I think we have some up with a menu that is pretty likable, and if they don't, well honestly you can't keep everyone happy and if we attempted to we'd be miserable.

Some my highlight of the menu where the:

hand formed poppy seed bagels with capsicum, Persian feta, rocket and almond paste - so much better than I'd expected.

baby beef fillet wrapped in prosciutto and truffle on potato galette - I could get an entire plate of this.

ginger crust - part of the main, I'm not 100% sure whats in this but I love it, I want the recipe.

twice baked passion fruit souffl├ęs - actually backed in the shell the the passionfruit, and so light and summery.

Have to thank the team at The Boatshed, for pulling it all together and doing such an amazing job, really looking forward to eating it all again at the wedding.

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Clare said...

I'm jealous!! and my mouth is watering! ;)