Thursday, October 8, 2009


This weekend C and I have taken some time off and headed down the coast for a long weekend. We are staying in Gerringong for a friends wedding, I'm really excited, it sound like its going to be heaps of fun.

And while we are down this direction C and I thought we'd get some wedding chores knocked off, so later today we are headed to Nowra to work out travelling time between venues so we can finalise the running sheet, order the cakes, which we are now having on the Saturday at Brunch rather than during the wedding, to many people don't eat the cake at the wedding, and these cakes are really good we want people to eat them. The most exciting of all, we are picking our ceremony location, we'll stop in at about the time of the wedding to see where the sun and shade is to pick a nice place on the field to get married.

Its going to be a good weekend I think.

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Clare said...

sounds like things are all coming together! have a great time down south! xx