Friday, October 30, 2009


its Friday, and I've got lots planed for the weekend. Night I'm making more vasesand I'm designing some jewellery, making hair combs for the girls and a quiet dinner with C, before a big day on Saturday. Bridal shower in the morning - unfortunatly with so much on this weekend (weddings, engagment parties, surgeries, people working or overseas) we don't have many people coming, but afterwards I'd hopefully headed to the beach for a bit before sign making, vase making, jewellery making, shopping, jar scrapping and many other crafty projects. More of the same on Sunday plus shopping with Mum.

Busy, but hopefully C will come away from the books for long enough for us to do something fun together, I don't like it when he works and studies so hard, I hardly get to talk or spend any time with him. And with C studying I'm bound to get lots of wedding jobs done and off the list, the list seems to be getting smaller quicker these days very exciting. Got heaps done with week, has lost to write about - when I get more time.

Sign making this weekend image from snippet and ink

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