Monday, October 19, 2009

The sun comes out

So a few weekends back C and I went down the coast for a wedding. We arrive early on the Wednesday night and the weather was awful, to be generous, it was raining. No one held much hope for the weather on Saturday. As most guest had arrived early everyone meet at the local pub for dinner and it seemed most of the female conversation revolved around what we were wearing and how we planed to combat the cold.

But on Saturday morning when we woke up the sun was out and it was warm, I'm not going to say hot but a huge improvement on where we had been. Looking back I felt that was appropriate, getting married within 2 month of one another the bride and I had spoken to each other a lot about the ups and down and helped each other out as much as we could during the whole process. She had a rough time planning her wedding so when the sun came out on Saturday and everything seemed to fall into place it seemed right.

I know there would have been problems and some things wouldn't have gone as planned, but as a guest I didn't notice any of it, to me it seemed perfect. The day they deserved after all the hard work.

I didn't take my good camera but I got a few shoots with my point and shoot, so I thought I'd share some of the awesomeness of it. (Just the details)

I've always said my weakness is food, Lollies, cake, dinner.

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