Monday, September 7, 2009


So I'm almost finished with the vases and I've been thinking about decorating the space behind our lolly bar. haven't decided if I defiantly want to decorate it or not yet, not sure if it will be to much or create a cool feature within the space.

1st the space - on the raised section, so we have quick a bit of space, the area is rather deep - space we aren't likely to need or use.

1st idea is to have multi-coloured ribbons randomly hanging from the roof uneven and deep. I think this might be a bit wasteful, I'd need a huge amount of ribbon to make this look good, and I'm not sure what I'd ever do with that much ribbon ever again.

2nd options - this is my favourite idea, to have a few fabric flowers garlands hanging vertically from the roof on string. Again hanging them from unevenly using the depth in the space.

Images from one of my favourite wedding ever - check out more pictures at

You can buys these on Etsy, personally I'd be making them, Martha Stewart has how too for a few different flower styles that could be mixed and matched. I wouldn't need a huge amount and it would be a really fun project, but material is expensive. A friend had earlier in the process offered to help with material and I had thought if they had off cuts we could use for free to create the flowers - however I'm not sure they will have the kind of colours will need, and the budget isn't going to allow for material.

3rd options - Paper garlands, as seem during the pop up wedding. we love the idea of creating a thick curtain of hanging paper garlands.

Image from Martha Stewart wedding

I'm just a bit worried that if we do something with our colours will be a bit strongh and overwhelming, our colours are so bright and dark in bulk like this it colour look like too much.

4th option - (yes we are still going I have alot of ideas.) This idea is cheap, easy and cool. Using honeycomb tissue paper balls in a few differnt sizes and colours hanging from the ceiling.

I like the idea but I'm not sure if it work in that well with the rest of the look might just be to heavy and over the top.

I still have more ideas. Post those later.

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