Friday, September 25, 2009


Just a quick one today, been super busy at work this week, and the last 3 weeks have been so hectic I've been out almost every night and all weekend, all I want to do is sleep. I've been falling a little behind my schedule for wedding stuff to I need to pick up my game so I'm not running around manic next week. This week has been made harder cause C is away thankful he's back tomorrow morning at 6am yeah, but our weekend is jam packed so we aren't going to get much time to catch up :(

Strangely this week with C away, I've found it easier to put some of my thought into words and made a start to my vows. Its hard work to write some like that, something so emotional and its harder still that you know people will be listening in hearing our private thanks yous, promises and I love you moments.

Another good thing my paper arrive, very exciting, my production manager was able to get it for free for me, he's the best. Now I just have to find a bit of time to sit down and finish the invites off.

So pretty, image by our labour of love

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