Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm completely exhausted at the moment, things are been so busy I feel like I'm constantly running from on place to the next, and my wedding to do list isn't getting much shorter because I'm too busy with everything else to do anything. I need some time off to catch up on my sleep and I'm going to have to slow down a little. Unfortunately can't do that this week, I'm booked up every night this week and I think we only have one night of the long weekend free.

I'm booked up and exhausted but this week I have to get some more stuff done for the wedding, tonight we have a dress fitting for the girls, check and make sure the calicos are right so we can make the real thing.

Tomorrow we have a dance lesson, really excited C and I have really enjoyed the classes we've done, such a good way to get away from everything and send some time together, letting him lead (always funny), learning something new together, so much fun I recommend it to everyone not just people getting married, everyone definatly worth the money. Unfortunately in the last month or 2 we haven't been able to make it to any of the because I'm always working to late - going to be really good to get back to it and its a good opportunity to stretch out my shoes. I hope we are able to keep it up after the wedding.

This weekend I did manage to get a few things knocked off my list,
Visas - Mine Done still need to do Craigs
Soft drink, brunch - done
Lollies, capacity of vases, what we want, how much we need, prices - done still waiting to find a few other prices so we can order but almost done.
Kids ceremony activity books - done
Ceremony place cards - done
Readings for the ceremony - done, really glad we got this one done C and I both agree now to pick people to read, very hard.

So if my blogging is a little slow it probably means I stuck under a pile of work on my way to dinner somewhere after which I'll race home and do 1000 chores (home and wedding). FUN!

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