Monday, September 14, 2009

More ideas

So I said I still had more idea for the lolly bar backdrop and I wasn't joking. Ideas are

Garlands of coloured circles, either hanging vertically uneven throughout the space or made to look like a big top.

Just imagine it colourful, fun right. i just hope not too fun, don't want it to start looking like a kids party.

Set up like a bit top, cool right and classy, they did this one using material flags but thats a little expensive for us, so we'd we doing coloured circles cut from paper. I think it would look fun and be a good use of the space.

But wait I'm still not done.

When I 1st saw these I wanted to use them for the ceremony, until I decided I didn't want to decorate the ceremony, let the beauty of the place speak for itself. More garlands this time made from with either coffee filters or cup cake cases, I like the idea of using lots of patterned cupcake cases.

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