Thursday, September 3, 2009

Done and Done

Shoes - Done
Jewellery - Done
Band - Done (I think still waiting on the confirmation)
5 vase (out of 20) - Done

Yeah for getting things done. My shoes are exactly what I wanted but what I wanted was double the price and I didn't really want them that much.

The jewellery is great, I had a hard time picking something because I loved too many differnet things, and had too many ideas. In the end I decided I better just get something I liked rather than search for day/weeks for something perfect and never find anything and miss out on what I liked, and now I've bought them I love them and they will be perfect, becuase I'll wear them when I marry C.

I'm loving the vase the process and the results, they will look really good. Hopefully making more tonight and over the weekend.

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