Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We have a brunch venue, we have come an agreement with the Lodge (our original venue) we still have to hire the toilets but we found somewhere that can do it for a reasonable rate provided we pick up and return - fine with me. They also agreed to drop the additional charges and let us use the one site BBQs. I was still worried about spending the extra money but we've saved in a few other areas and we really did want to send the day with everyone by the river.

One of the biggest thing that has shaped our budget during the process is the desire to spend time to everyone and share the things we love the most, food, drink, location, food (I know we really like food - its a problem for us). This has meant we have rewritten our budget 100 times to make it work, and honestly we'll be a little over in the end but I'm yet to say I regret anything we spent money on yet.

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