Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another crazy idea

I want to make fans for my wedding. I've had this idea for awhile but only found a picture today, but I probably would not use a heart shape.

found at oncewed.com

I know do I really need another DIY project (probably not) but if I have time I want to make fans.

Because the wedding is in December and its going to probably be really hot, I think it will be cool. I've gone to heaps of wedding in summer and used the program as a fan but since I'm not having programs I'll have fans. And I have a bunch of wooden sticks left over from my engagement party, that would be perfect for support.

I want to have 2 baskets filled with them for when people arrive for the ceremony, I want to have little pockets of tissues as well - I'm a crier and I know I'd appreciate that when I go to a wedding.

Just found this picture and had to add it. I love the information on the back, as we aren't doing programs or anything we can introduce our wedding party.

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