Friday, June 26, 2009

so happy

I'm so happy, C is the happiest man in the world tonight - why?

I gave him his engagement present tonight. I took him out to dinner to celebrate the end of exams and in between entree and main at the local Malaysian restaurant I gave him a small present. C was really surprised and thought it was just a little present to celebrate the end of exams, but after reading the card and opening the box he was really excited to see a 26mm eye piece for a telescope. He thought it was an eyepiece to use when we eventually were able to afford a telescope - I had to tell him and reassure him a number of times I was giving him the eyepiece to go with the telescope waiting for him back at home.

I should probably explain at this point that C is a supernerd and for the last 15 years (much longer than I've know him - 8 years) has dreamed of owning a telescope. Tonight I made his dream come true, and it was the best feeling I've ever had - I image this must be similar to how I felt when he proposed to me. With a very small gesture I was able to show him that his happiness and dreams were important to me and I would help him reach them. Even if that meant saving every penny for 5 months to do so.

I'm not sure that it's traditional or if its the correct budget savvy thing to do, but I do know that making C happy and seeing that smile tonight means more to me than anything else I've ever seen - I'd give up anything if I could make him smile like that everyday!

His word: My 2 great loves have come together tonight - I couldn't ask for more.

How can you not love him.

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Clare said...

ahh well done B! I can see you guys staying happy together forever! :)