Saturday, June 20, 2009

Every girls weakness

I admit I have a weakness for shoes, when you can't find anything else you look good in you can always find a pair of shoes. I love a good heel however I don't wear heels for any extended period of time. This is were my problem lies, wearing my heels and being on my feet for 5-7hour on my wedding day dosen't sound fun - however heels make me taller which I need for photos and I want for the ceremony and I will stand taller and straighter in them. So I'm getting heels but I'm also going to get a pair of flats to change into.

With all the sales on this week I thought it would be a good time to look for shoes found a fe good deals on flats.

I'm going to go out shopping again this weekend and have another look, hopping to find a better deal. but if I can't find anything, I'm thinking I'll go with the last pair. I realy like them and I'll wear them to work after the wedding.

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