Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm back

I've got a few things ticketed off the list. 

I've resolved my bridesmaid colour, originally I wanted a neutrals, like tans, mushrooms etc, but since C will be wearing a grey suit it wouldn't match. So I decided I'd use a range of one colour. I came up with 2 options, either light greys tinted either with blues or purples or Yellows, light yellows. I wanted to make sure there was a difference in colour between the girls and boys. All the greys I could find are bit darker than I'd like and would leave all the girls and boys looking similar and me this lone light, white figure. So I'm going light yellows. A little bit scary as I didn't want them to look like they are playing dress ups in brightly coloured cloths.
 I found this picture and hope to get colours similar to this - just need to find the material.

And the girls will all be wearing different dresses too so nothing will be too matchy matchy.

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