Monday, June 22, 2009

In the back of my mind...

I've been worried I wouldn't be able to get the resin vases to work, so I've always been thinking of other ideas I would use.

We are going to have canapes and traveling entree outside the Boatshed and to decorate  we are going to use heaps of glass jars with candle in them which we have been collecting for a while now, with the help of some friends. Today while looking around A Practical Wedding I saw this image 

I could still use the original idea of having some with candles and some with single flowers, I just need to up my intake of food in jars. I would be recycling and its a great budget ideas, I love the look, I even like the idea of using jars as drinking glasses but I'm not sure some of the grandparents will be a fan of it.

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