Monday, June 29, 2009

getting priorities straight

So C and I sat down and wrote sorted out our wedding priorities, giving us a better plan of what we should spend our time and money on.

So what important and not to us?

No debt - if we don't have the cash for it we don't need it, we can't leave for 5 weeks in Mexico with debt.

Keep it personal - make sure we do it because its right for us not because its expected or it s wedding tradition

Everyone involved - our friend and family are really important to who we are as individual and as a couple so we want everyone involved somehow.

Stress free day - this means I'm going to delegate EVERYTHING. We can't afford a DOC, but we have heaps of close family and friends that we can spread thing out. We also need everything well planned so if/when something goes wrong we can easily go to our backup plan.

The things that we'll have forever
Photos - our memories worth investing in.
Rings - we'll wear them everyday for the rest of our lives we should love them, we should treat them as the important symbols they are.

Food - good and lots of it

Drinks - make sure everyone is catered for drinks and non drinkers a like

Music - love the atmosphere a live band creates, they get everyone dancing and into the sing of it.

bridal party all look good - I'm not the kind of person who want to make sure no one out shines me so I dress everyone is ugly dresses, I want everyone to look their best

Relaxed - I want all our guest to be able to relax and enjoy the day o rushing or fussing

Well Designed - I'm a designer so its important, if I can't afford to do something well I'd rather not do it. I want to make sure what I do, looks good and all works well together.

Saturday Activities - want to get together with everyone the next day relax and enjoy the amazing destination, we aren't likely to have everyone together in these surroundings like this ever again. And its our last chance to see everyone before we go away, since we are away for xmas and new year we want to see everyone.

Cake - C doesn't think its a celebration without a cake (I'm happy to go without)

Lolly bar - I'm a lolly fiend, I'll probably hang out here most of the night.

Transport - part of making sure everyone has a really relaxed weekend is making sure we look after everyone properly and everyone gets and home safe so we are getting a bus.

Trimmings - flowers
- ceremony decorations
- bridal party transport

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