Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just ask

Its really worth asking if vendors can do it cheaper. 

Yesterday I told the dressmaker my budget and asked if she could reduce the cost of the dress - yes she could, not having the calico mock up saved $40 per dress (still to expensive but getting better)

Today I asked the bus company if we get a discount for paying cash - yes $100 - and he was already $600 cheaper than all the other companies before the cash discount. Big thanks to David at Kennedys Bus and Coach. We now have transport for all our guest for the entire wedding day. 

Bus transport is one area we have decided to splash out - I still found the best possible deal, but it was something we didn't have to have. But C and I decided it was something we wanted, people can drink if they want (paying per head so we want them to be able to), and the older people that we were a little worried about driving late at night in an area they don't know are taken care of. Money well spent I feel. 

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