Thursday, June 4, 2009

line the aisle

My ceremony is in a pretty great location, not much need to decorate, however I did want to do something. I'm getting brown folding chairs and thought I would DIY some pom poms in my colours would add a bit of colour and look good handing from the edge of the chairs along the aisle.

Instruction can be found on and they look easy and cheap. However I've been thinking that maybe they are a little too girly and traditional wedding for me.

I had also considered making a garland of coloured flags or something but I was worried they would make it look too beachy.

Than I found it, its so simple, ribbon lots of ribbon tied to the back of the chairs. I'm really liking this idea, and it will work well considering I'm using a few different colours. 

Now I just need to finish my colour palette, I'm off to the material shop tonight to choice a colour for the ladies.

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