Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How sweet it is...

I love love love lollies, so of course I'm having a lolly bar. They also make great decorations. Mum works at a nestle own company so I can get the lollies cheaper in bulk that way, and I'll get small bags through work which shouldn't cost too much. I'll probably be looking at a small lolly bar, we only have 80 guest and we are already having a 3 course meal and cake. I found some pictures for inspiration.

Image from elegant candy buffets

Image from amy atlas

Love the symmetry of this, and the colour scheme - not my colour seem but love it.

Image from amy atlas

Love the fun colour and variety of this buffet. Take out some of the lollies and add in some chocolate (C request) and pretty close to what we where after.

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Clare said...

never heard of a lolly bar but it looks very pretty and yummy!! save some for me! ;)