Wednesday, June 10, 2009


On Friday we meet with our celebrant, was a strange experience, this person who you barely know will be the one to marry you, he talks about how much you love each other, and what it means - but he doesn't really know you, I think its a little strange.

He gave us a whole lot of ceremony options and after looking over all of them I've decided I'm going to need to cut and chop and change things around to get what we want. I know I've got ages to get this sorted but I know I'll have 1000 other things to do closer to the wedding so I'm going to get it started now. I'm about half way done, but I'm really stuck on what to do after we say our vows, I don't want anything too long winded or soppy. I'm pretty sure I'll just run around for ages trying to find something different only to go with one of his options - Oh well I'm probably not going to be listening to much to him at that point anyway. 

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