Monday, June 22, 2009

Comedy of errors

Sunday I spent the day attempting my 1st ever mould with the intention of being able to use it to create beautiful vases to be used for the centre pieces. The day ended up being a comedy of errors.

1st I had gone shopping without a list, I thought I would remember everything - I was wrong. I broke one of my first rules of shopping and went without a list and came back with play-doh instead of plasticine.

2nd while I was making my play-doh vase, that would be used to create the mould, I momentarily propped the play-doh up around a glass – that went on to get stuck which meant I had to make the mould with the glass as well.

3rd the PVC pipe I was making the mould inside was a little bigger than I intended and meant the mould was much thicker and less flexible than intended and used heaps more pinkysil than I should have used.

4th because I used play-doh and cup in making the mould it was almost impossible to get them out afterwards. We ended up having to scoop out the play-doh with a paddle pop stick and we had to smash the glass to get it out.

But I got it done 1st mould made. I think in the end this one will be left in the test gone bad pile but it will work for the testing portion of the process. My dad and I have given it some thought and we have come up with a much better plan for the next one. So this week I’m going to attempt to pour my 1st resin vase – exciting.

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